AZEEM: “TV Is Watching You”


Azeem is award-winning MC & Poet. His poetry was featured on a PBS special along with Lou Reed, Leonard Cohen, Amiri Baraka & many more. He won 1st place in a San Francisco poetry slam which secured him a spot on the lollapalooza tour along with Tribe Called Quest, The Beastie Boys, Parliament Funkadelic, Green Day, The Pharcyde etc. In 1993 he was ranked the 2nd Slam Poet in the nation under the alias “Invisible Man” according to which is the official Slam Poetry website.
As an MC he’s traveled the world extensively, most recently returning from a one month tour of North Africa including post-revolution Tunisia. Azeem also did a two week Australian tour opening for Talib Kweli in support of his “Rise Up” record which was released by OM Records.
This poem was shot spontaneously at Occupy Oakland on Halloween 10/31/11, documenting a piece of history in both culture & politics.>>>FORWARD EVER>>>