DJ Child Interview

Kamoy Magazine is a Caribbean fashion magazine based out of Miami,FL. Jamaican super-model Nerissa Irving sat down with DJ Child & reasoned in depth for this 6 page interview…
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Kamoy: Why did you gravitate to culture/reggae music? I ask this because I noticed most of you mix tapes gravitate to a Rastafarian lifestyle. Your style is very revolutionary.
DJ Child: Rasta is resistance against an oppressive force that represents a globalized, demonic, cloned society. Rastas are Revolutionaries in every sense of the word. They live a unique lifestyle for themselves, by themselves, by any means necessary. Because I equate Rasta and Revolutionaries as one and the same, it’s a natural fit for the message in the music that I blast to the masses.
Following the politics of what’s going on in the world affects me deeply and angers me. I feel that the greatest way that I can contribute to society is through my music. One of the things that attracted me to Rastafarians from the beginning was their emphasis on a nature-based religion. I believe that at the root of all revolutions is farming. To break free from a dominating system one must be able to provide for themselves on all basic levels of life—food, clothes and shelter. Music has always preserved the oral tradition of a peoples…and my mission is to try and leave my mark of what’s going on in the world around me…to hopefully provide something for the youth of the future.