“Revolutionary Warfare” (New Mixtape & Signed Prints)

“Revolutionary Warfare”

Return To The Classics (Book 6)

Project Groundation Massive (PGM) meets Essential Extracts (EE) to bring forth “Revolutionary Warfare” the mixtape. This classic roots reggae project is focused on the legalization of marijuana and the effects of the oppressive system.

Project Groundation & Essential Extracts are like-minded grassroots movements working towards the same goal of raising the consciousness of the peoples through music, art & organic livity. After creating the mixtape, DJ Child reached out to Nikka T (Owner of EE) who has been a long time PGM supporter to link the two companies in their joint mission.

Essential Extracts’ mission is to provide quality, chemical-free cannabis concentrates to patients in need.

They pride themselves on having the strongest, most pure, Solvent-less extract on the market. They been killin’ it, winning multiple High Times Cannabis Cups in 2013 alone. Look out for more PGM/EE collaborations in the future…

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Listen to “Revolutionary Warfare”—RTTC Book 6 (Mixtape Sampler)[audio:RTTC6_SAMPLER.mp3]