Sense Enemy

  • PGM vol. 26 “Sense Enemy”
    Hosted By: Pressure, Niyorah, Abja
    Bambu Station, & Ras Bumpa

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    “Sense Enemey Mixtape” features PGM Exclusives By: Pressure, Midnite, De Apostle, Niyorah, Bambu Station, Army, Batch, Ras Bumpa, Abja, M Selah & more…

1. PGM: Sense Enemy Intro (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
2. Bambu Station: Sense Enemy[audio:02 SE.mp3]
3. Malcolm X: Vigorous Action Interlude (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
4. Bambu Station: Sense Enemy pt. II
5. PGM: Eradicated Interlude (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
6. Bambu Station: Sense Enemy pt. III
7. Jalani: Sense Enemy Acapella (PGM EXCLUSIVE)

Things Tough Riddim—VI Connection

8. Batch: Foundation Works Interlude (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
9. Batch: All Ways (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
10. Abja: Clear The Road (PGM EXCLUSIVE)[audio:10 Clear The Road.mp3]
11. Ras Bumpa: Armagedeon (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
12. PGM: Last Days Interlude (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
13. Niyorah: Apply The Squeeze (PGM EXCLUSIVE)

Gangbang Riddim—Lustre Kings

14. Niyorah: Apply the Squeeze (PGM EXCLUSIVE)[audio:NIYORAH_APPLY.mp3]
15. Angela Davis: Nature Interlude (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
16. Niyorah: Apply the Squeeze pt. II (PGM EXCLUSIVE)

Trample Babylon Section—I Grade

17. Batch: Nah Lose (Royal Inity Records)
18. Jahman: Hurry Up (PGM EXCLUSIVE)[audio:JAHMAN_HURRY_UP.mp3]
19. Ancient King: Kick Face Interlude (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
20. Ancient King: Conquering Sound

Rock City Souljahs Section—PGM

21. Pressure: VI Interlude (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
22. Nuby Dan: War Monger (PGM EXCLUSIVE)[audio:NUBY_WAR_MONGER.mp3]
23. Pressure: Live In Dub (PGM EXCLUSIVE)[audio:23 Live In Dub.mp3]

Sane Kry Riddim—VI Connection

24. Niyorah: Do Your Best In Life
25. Avaran: Rumble Jumble Life
26. Sistah Joyce: Unity
27. Xkaliba: United States Of Ethiopia (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
28. Pressure: Live In Love
29. Army: Keep Pulling At My Heart (PGM EXCLUSIVE)

Exclusive Heat Section—PGM

30. Abja: Round Da Place Interlude (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
31. Pressure: Touch the Sky (Don Corleon)
32. Niyorah: Run Tings Interlude (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
33. Abja: Patch Of Herb Trees (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
34. Abja: Danger Dub (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
35. Messenjah Selah: Chant Down Babylon Interlude (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
36. Jalani: Wow (PGM EXCLUSIVE)

Infinite Quality Section—Lustre Kings

37. Midnite: Attacking the Doves (PGM EXCLUSIVE)[audio:37 Attacking the Doves.mp3]
38. PGM: Slew Dem Interlude (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
39. Midnite: Attacking the Doves pt. II (PGM EXCLUSIVE)

United Front Section—Da Massive

40. Abja: Thief Dem Interlude (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
41. Ras Bumpa: Wolf (Sheep Clothes) (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
42. Ickarus: I See Danger (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
43. Abja: Whitewash
44. De Apostle: King Of the V.I. (PGM EXCLUSIVE)

Realer Law Section—Lustre Kings

45. PGM: Real Intro (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
46. Midnite: Realer Law (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
47. Malcolm X: Work Of God Interlude (PGM EXCLUSIVE)

Rise & Fall Section—I Grade/PGM

48. Yahadani: Rise
49. Messenjah Selah: Word Sound Interlude (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
50. Messenjah Selah: Fall (PGM EXCLUSIVE)[audio:FALL.mp3]