Revolutionary Culture Book 2

  • PGM vol. 33 “Revolutionary Culture”
    Book 2

    Hosted By: M1, Konshens & Jah Dan
    CD & DOWNLOAD $8.99


    M1 of Dead Prez’s 1st official hosting of a reggae mixtape combined with Konshens & Jah Dan!!! How can you possibly go wrong??? Book 2 focuses mainly on Reggae/Hip-Hop Crossover…

01. Huey P. Newton—-Containment (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
02. M1 of Dead Prez—PGM Hip-Hop (PGM EXCLUSIVE)[audio:02. M1 of Dead Prez—PGM Hip-Hop–PGM EXCLUSIVE.mp3]
03. M1 of Dead Prez—Hip-Hop pt.2 (PGM EXCLUSIVE)[audio:03. M1 of Dead Prez—Hip-Hop pt.2–PGM EXCLUSIVE.mp3]
04. Jah Dan Blakkamoore—Remedies (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
05. Konshens—Crossfire
06. Gappy Ranks—Gun Fight[audio:06. Gappy Ranks—Gun Fight.mp3]
07. I Octane—Caan Hurt I
08. M1 of Dead Prez—One Drum (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
09. Busy & M. Styles—As Mi Forward[audio:09. Busy & M. Styles—As Mi Forward.mp3]
10. M1 & Jah Dan—-Down With Me (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
11. Tarrus Riley & Konshens—Good Girl[audio:11. Tarrus Riley & Konshens—Good Girl Gone Bad RMX.mp3]
12. Jah Dan—Down With Me (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
13. Konshens—War Straight
14. Malcolm X—Bloodshed (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
15. Konshens—PGM Winner (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
16. Konshens—Winner [Child RMX] (PGM EXCLUSIVE)[audio:16. Konshens—Winner DJ Child RMX–PGM EXCLUSIVE.mp3]
17. Dead Prez—Dead Man’s Shoes
18. Sugar Minott—Revelation
19. Dead Prez—Dead Man’s pt. 2
20. Pressure—It Haffi Guh Suh
21. Stephen & Damian—Jah Army
22. Jah Cure—Look Pon Two Ways[audio:22. Jah Cure—Look Pon Two Ways.mp3]
23. Buju Banton—Jah Army pt. 2
24. Spragga Benz—La La Lah
25. Jah Dan & 77 Klash—Collie Field
26. Million Styles—Police in Helicopter[audio:26. Million Styles—Police in Helicopter.mp3]
27. Jah Dan—Bandwagonist (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
28. Jah Dan—Look At Me Now RMX (PGM EXCLUSIVE)[audio:28. Jah Dan—Look At Me Now RMX–PGM EXCLUSIVE.mp3]
29. Busta Rhymes & Kelly Rowland—Motivation
30. Konshens—Different[audio:30. Konshens—Different.mp3]
31. M1 of Dead Prez—Respect (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
32. Kid Cudi—Day ‘ N ‘ Night RMX
33. Sojah—Nah Bad Like We
34. Sojah—Call the Police[audio:34. Sojah—Call the Police.mp3]
35. Sojah—War
36. M1 of Dead Prez—Power (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
37. M1 & General Levy—Real Revolutionaries
38. Malcolm X—Revolution (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
39. Nuby Dan—Deliver I (PGM EXCLUSIVE)[audio:39. Nuby Dan—Deliver I–PGM EXCLUSIVE.mp3]
40. Konshens—Linky [DJ Child RMX] (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
41. Jah Dan Blakkamoore—1 2 3 (PGM EXCLUSIVE)[audio:41. Jah Dan Blakkamoore—1 2 3–PGM EXCLUSIVE.mp3]
42. Aloe Blacc & Konshens—I Need A RMX
43. Fela Kuti—Authority Stealing
44. M1 of Dead Prez—Money Farmer (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
45. Black Ice—What I’m Worth (PGM EXCLUSIVE)[audio:45. Black Ice—What I’m Worth–PGM EXCLUSIVE.mp3]
46. Konshens—Modern Revolution (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
47. Krazie Bone & Marley Brothers—Revolution
48. Pete Rock & Chip Fu—Ready Fe War[audio:48. Pete Rock & Chip Fu—Ready Fe War.mp3]
49. Jah Dan Blakkamoore—Wake Up (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
50. Sojah—How Much Longer
51. M1 of Dead Prez—Ignorance (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
52. Dead Prez & Stephen Marley—Dem Crazy
53. Noble Society—PGM 4 Life (PGM EXCLUSIVE)[audio:53. Noble Society—PGM 4 Life–PGM EXCLUSIVE.mp3]
54. Nneka, M1 & Steele—Changes RMX
55. M1 of Dead Prez—the Voiceless (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
56. Dead Prez—Hood News