PGM Meets Lutan Fyah

  • PGM vol. 7 “PGM Meets Lutan Fyah”
    Hosted By: Lutan Fyah
    CD & DOWNLOAD $8.99


    59 Tracks of PURE CULTURE!!! Hosted By Jamaica’s Rising Star—Lutan Fyah…This is the 1st collaborative project between PGM & Lutan Fyah…

1. Lutan Fyah: Babylon (PGM EXCLUSIVE)[audio:01 Lutan Fyah_ Babylon (PGM EXCLUSIVE).mp3]
2. Martin Luther King: Groundation Intro (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
3. Lutan Fyah: Woe To The Bloody City
4. Turbulence: Revolution pt.I[audio:04 Turbulence_ Revolution pt.I.mp3]
5. Natty King: See The Wicked Run
6. Natural Black: Straight Up
7. Luciano & Al Pancho: Unity Is Strength
8. Moon The Digital Ancient: Last Call
9. Turbulence: Revolution pt.II
10. Yami Bolo: Foundation Intro (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
11. Lutan Fyah: Execute Intrerlude (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
12. Yami Bolo: Healing Of The Nation DUB (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
13. Malcom X: America’s Problem Interlude (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
14. Howard Zinn: Slavery (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
15. Malcom X: Aborigine Interlude (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
16. Natural Black: Mi Do Mi Best
17. King Shadarack: Rise My People Rise
18. Al Pancho: Giddeon Bus Out
19. Norrisman: Culture Dem
20. Turbulence / Higher Trod: We Are
21. Junior Kelly: Jah Know[audio:21 Junior Kelly_ Jah Know.mp3]
22. Anthony B: Make My Money
23. Jah Mason: We Hafi Pray
24. Jr. Reid: Ras From Birth
25. Turbulence: Right Out
26. Lutan Fyah: More Goodness Interlude (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
27. Kymani Marley: Royal Vibes
28. Spragga Benz: I
29. Lutan Fyah: Judgement Interlude (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
30. Norrisman: Captura [audio:30 Norrisman_ Captura.mp3]
31. DJ Drez, A. Orwuni, Lutan Fyah: G Time (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
32. Lutan Fyah: Heart Of The City Interlude (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
33. Jah Cure: Every Song I Sing
34. Levi Roots: Trouble Strife[audio:34 Levi Roots_ Trouble Strife.mp3]
35. Lutan Fyah: Bun It Interlude (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
36. Tanya Stephens: It’s A Pitty pt.I
37. Michael Rose: Jah Love Hot
38. Sizzla: Pure Love
39. Tanya Stephens: It;s A Pitty pt.II
40. Lutan Fyah: Doctor’s Darling Inna Dub (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
41. Lutan Fyah: Never Surrender My Faith
42. Jah Mason: Rainbow Circle Throne
43. Anthony B: All Glory
44. Louie Culture: More To Love
45. Sizzla: Pure Strong
46. Bling Dawg: My Turn
47. Angel Doolas: Bombs Away[audio:47 Angel Doolas_ Bombs Away.mp3]
48. Sizzla: I Was Born
49. Wayne Marshall: Success Is A Must
50. Bushman: Jah Deliver Me
51. Jr. Kelly: Joy And Splendor
52. Lutan Fyah: Barrirers Interlude (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
53. Luciano: World Peace
54. Sizzla: Step Pon Dem
55. Bounty Killer, Angel Doolas, Spragga Benz: Under Age
56. Sizzla: Just One Of Those Days REMIX (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
57. Lutan Fyah: King Selassie Interlude (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
58. Sizzla: Rise To The Occasion
59. Lutan Fyah: All Praises Due (PGM EXCLUSIVE)