Nothing To Prove

  • PGM vol. 21 “Nothing To Prove”
    Hosted By: Pressure, Niyorah, Abja
    Bambu Station, Ras Bumpa
    Lady Passion, Batch, Ras Attitude
    & Ijah Menelik

    CD & DOWNLOAD $8.99


    “…Best Mixtape of the Year…” Featuring PGM Exclusives By: Pressure, Niyorah, Bambu Station, Batch, Ras Bumpa, Abja, Jah Dan, Lady Passion, Ras Attitude & more…

1. Lady Passion: I Sing (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
2. PGM: It is what it Is (PGM EXCLUSIVE)[audio:02 It Is What It Is.mp3]
3. Batch: Da Proclamation (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
4. Batch: Lift Up
5. Niyorah: Da Link Up (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
6. Niyorah: Clowns Around Us
7. Jah Dan: Out Of The Slaughter (PGM EXCLUSIVE)[audio:07 Jah Dan – Out Of The Slaughter.mp3]
8. Midnite: Let Live
9. Jah Dan: Out Of PT. II (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
10. Jalani: Broadcasting Live (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
11. Bambu Station: Gunsmoke[audio:11 Bambu Station – Gunsmoke.mp3]
12. Midnite: Safe
13. Abja: Red I Intro (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
14. Abja: Crucial Confessions
15. Ijah Menelik: Soundation Intro (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
16. Ijah: Menelik: Baggawire
17. Ras Attitude: One Family (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
18. Ras Attitude: Life Of Love
20. Pressure: Set Deh Order (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
21. Pressure: Live What U Talk
22. Ras Bumpa: Do Good
23. Lady Passion: Ganja Haffi Burn (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
24. Midnite: Powerz Of Weed[audio:24 Midnite – Powaz Ov Weed.mp3]
25. Ijah Menelik: Weeded Out (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
26. Batch: Green Gold
27. Niyorah: Cess Coast (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
28. PGM: Wake Up Interlude (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
29. Batch: Ganja Fi Burn (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
30. Dr. King: In Da Shadows (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
31. Dezarie: Wait On Jah
32. Raff I Jah: Hold On
33. Batch: Zion
34. Ras Attitude: Progressive Youth (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
35. Ras Attitude: Stop Chat
36. Midnite: Excellency
37. Niyorah: Da Meditation (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
38. Nuby Dan: Here I Come
39. Abja: Dread (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
40. Lady Passion: Are U Wit Me? (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
41. Nuby Dan: Up Ye Mighty Race[audio:41 Nuby Dan – Up Ye Mighty Race.mp3]
42. Dead Prez: Big Up (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
43. Ras Bumpa: Stop Playin (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
44. Lady Passion: If U Don’t Know (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
45. Lady Passion: Never Change My Mind
46. Niyorah: Release Da Heat (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
47. Malcolm X: Do You (PGM EXCLUSIVE)[audio:47 Malcom X – Do You.mp3]
48. Niyorah: For Da Peoples (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
49. Niyorah: Nothing To Prove (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
50. Pressure: Enemies Be Scattered (PGM EXCLUSIVE)