Half-Life vol. 8 (Vinyl 12″)

  • Half-Life vol. 8 (Vinyl 12″)
    Half-Life Remix Series
    VINYL & DOWNLOAD $4.99


    Volume 8 of the Half-Life Remix Series…ALL REMIX’S BY DJ CHILD FOR P.G.M. (pressed on heavy vinyl)


1. Vybz Kartel: Send On (Tipsy) [audio:01 Vybz Kartel_ Send On (Tipsy).mp3]
2. Elephant Man: Pon De River (Diwali/Yeah)
3. Sean Paul: Megamix (the Set Up/Uh-Ooh/Dude)
4. Sluggy Ranks: Ghetto Youth Bust (Neva Eva)

Side B

1. 50 Cent: Rowdy Rowdy (Stalag) [audio:05 50 Cent_ Rowdy Rowdy (Stalag).mp3]
2. Elephant Man feat. Jelly Stone: Who Dat (Next Episode/Who Shot Ya/Tried By 12/Oochie Wally/CREAM)[audio:06 Elephant Man feat. Jelly Stone_ Who Dat (Next Episode_Who Shot Ya_Tried By 12_Oochie Wally_CREAM).mp3]
3. Beyonce & Sean Paul :Baby Boy (Hotel/Ride Wit U)
4. Elephant Man: On Line (Tipsy)
5. Beyonce feat. Lil’ Flip: Naughty Girl (Dude/Yeah?Diwali)