• PGM vol. 1 “Groundation”
    Roots & Culture Mix
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    The mixtape that started it all. 45 Tracks of pure fyah by Sizzla, Yami Bolo, Jr. Gong—Exclusives from V.I.’s Shaka Black. The premier Roots & Culture Mix that defined PGM’s sound.

1.ward 21:petrol light city interlude (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
3.sizzla:good things pt.I [audio:03 Sizzla_ Good Things Part 1.mp3]
4.yami bolo:reason for pt.I
5.sizzla:good things pt.II
6.yami bolo:reason for pt.II
7.yami bolo:praises
8.jr.gong:it was written
9.strong foundation interlude (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
10.yami bolo:jah love is always there
11.focus interlude (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
12.chezidek:shall not be moved pt.I[audio:12 Chezidek_ Shall Not Be Moved Pt 1.mp3]
13.sizzla:stay focus
14.chezidek:shall not.. pt.II
15.pgm interlude (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
16.shaka black:true love (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
17.capleton:see dem
18.sizzla:love in de house
19.shaka black:boom sound (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
20.heavenless interlude (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
21.turbulence:your child pt.I
22.natural black:what happen to pt.I[audio:22 Natural Black_ What Happen To Pt 1.mp3]
23.turbulence:your child pt.II
24.natural black:what.. pt.II
25.child interlude (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
26.capleton:fire have fi burn
27.signs interlude (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
28.anthony b.:police
29.luciano: bad boy johnny nooks:eyes on the prize
31.sizzla:thanks and praise
32.jah children interlude (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
33.delly ranks:gimmi di weed
34.luciano:break down pt.I
35.tony rebel:four corners
36.luciano:break down pt.II
37.anthony b.:none of jah children[audio:37 Anthony B_ None Of Jah Child.mp3]
38.groundation interlude (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
39.bushman:what you gonna do
40.babatunda interlude (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
41.leroy gibbons:created by the father
42.groundation outro pt.I (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
43.pgm. outro pt.II (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
44.pgm. outro pt.III (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
45.bonus track (PGM EXCLUSIVE)