Andrew Bain was born November 25, 1974 in Austin, Texas. From there he moved to the Northwest part of the United States, living in Oregon and Washington, growing up mainly in Seattle, Washington. He has had a love of art and music since childhood, playing music in the Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra in grade school and working on various mural projects in the city throughout high school. He continued nurturing his love from that time, committing his life’s work to the two disciplines. A graduate of Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Sculpture, Andrew, a.k.a. Moon, became very active in the Providence, R.I. art scene directly after his formal training. He is an important member of a tightly knit community of artists that were developing in Providence at that time. He has shown at prominent Rhode Island galleries and museums as well as coordinated and participated in various community based art projects. He is a co-founder and head designer of Urban Social Empowerment, a company that focuses on branding social marketing concepts that instill positive messages for youth in various Rhode Island institutions. Andrew also curates and has organized art shows that included other respected Rhode Island and international artists that have gained national recognition. Outside of Rhode Island he has participated in shows in New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Cuba, Jamaica, Germany and Japan. A recent showing of his work was at Ad Hoc art space in Brooklyn, NY that featured 16 Providence based artists and friends; he was the curator of this show.

Aside from making and showing art, Andrew became very involved in music production, performing and record engineering directly after college. He spent 7 years working in a professional recording studio in Wakefield, Rhode Island where he learned, wrote, composed and produced various genres of music for other artists and bands as well as developed his own skill and brand of music. He and a childhood friend simultaneously started a record label that is still releasing music to a global audience, influencing and evolving with the genre it exists in. His musical taste and relationships with local and international artists and groups has been sought after to help produce the Caribbean music night every year at the Providence Sound Session music festival as well as other festivals, venues and shows throughout the United States. He is a proficient and prolific songwriter, producer and musician having over 40 credited albums under his belt.


Moon and Child linked linked through fellow Lustre Kings founder Corrin in 2003. Their first collaboration “Calling All Jah Children” was the first cultural reggae mixtape put out legitimately as an album. The project won numerous awards and paved the road for years of continuous building. Lustre Kings & Moon have been instrumental in PGM’s development in the reggae world at large—LKP & PGM for life!!!