Born in St. Croix U.S. Virgin Islands, audiences across the region have been mesmerized by the dynamic sound and style of one of the hottest rising stars in the Reggae world. A philosopher and a poet that has no limits and boundaries has took it upon himself to follow the dream that was inspired to him by some of music’s greatest legends like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and 2Pac Shakur.

This fiery musician has had a love for music from the time he was little boy when he started performing at the age of six in school talent shows. Since then, he has taken his music even more seriously and started an independent record label, in which he has released numerous successful albums, such as Genesis, Book of Fire and Renegade Music CD and DVD. One with a “no holds bar” attitude, this conscious dance hall artist has formulated a style of his own giving the people something fresh and new with broad horizons.

There is no stopping this youth! His unique voice adds reality to songs that are about life and the prophecies of the world as well as about the violence and turf wars that exist in his community. His Music is about life and its ups and downs, deep reality and truth. The Apostle is not one to bite his tongue, so ready or not here he comes.

As the transformation took place from Heartless into De Apostle he blew up amongst many other local artists along with various other international entertainers giving him the cutting edge he needed to dominate the music industry. Such live performances have allowed him to display his dedication and love for his talent at home and abroad. De Apostle has contributed greatly to the local entertainment world by showing non-stop love and respect toward his supporters. By appearing on several events he has gained tremendous confidence that the people will listen to his message and not only dance but also learn about the reality of the streets and ghettos through his music. Becoming De Apostle was a natural cause due to his state of mind and by fully making the conversion made him more spiritually inclined to his value. Being a person of value his success came automatically as he pushed on with his career taking the trials and blessings as they came. One of his greatest advisors was his grandmother who told him he was nowhere close to being heartless and that his name should have a complete meaning, which inspired the meaning of the word: De Apostle – “A Dreamer and Educator – A Person of Soul (Song) Talent Light and Energy.” He has saddled up his boots and is ready for his journey with expectance of good and bad situations, but regardless to the quest he will keep GOD first and put his best foot forward in order to enlighten the world with his gift. Being an artist for the ladies and also the guys he is an artist for all music loving people worldwide.

Before De Apostle was known as De Apostle he carried the title “Heartless” because of his dynamic MC skills displayed in numerous MC battles and talent shows through out his hometown and neighboring islands. Time after time crowds from various parts of the Caribbean has witnessed the outstanding performances and energy of the Virgin Island Hit Recording Artist formerly known as “Heartless”. Improvising on styles of some of Jamaica’s best reggae / dancehall artists such as Bounty Killa, Spragga Benz, Sean Paul, Sizzla and Capleton, in the voice leaving them with someone to look out for in the world of music success. With the image and a true urban spirit attraction began to grow from all corners of the Caribbean and eventually began spreading toward the US mainland with the help of his fans and supporters. His attitude always kept him in perspective as a great artist due to his constant words of upliftment and positiveness to the youths and the older public. Being a familiar face in local events he gained his recognition through hard work and determination and has earned his respect by paying his dues as an entertainer. Education blended with street life gave him the wisdom of the world and inspirational views of many different aspects of life relating to crime, hate, love and even poverty that revolved around him.

Patience has played an important role in this young entrepreneur’s life and he has decided that music is what he will do until the day he dies, giving back to the community that helped made him realize his goals and future. With an open mind and conscious heart, One Love is his cry and unity is his desire to see people living together in happiness and prosperity.