…..PGM vol. 20…..
“Diplomatic Warrior”
100% Exclusive Sizzla…

Want your Sizzla in a whole different way? As you never heard him before? The top ranking “quick finger” DJ Child presents 40 Sizzla tracks mixed, licked and fixed exclusively for PGM. Some of the lyrics are known from former releases. The majority, however, is absolutely exclusive.

This mixtape goes by the name “Diplomatic Warrior Mixtape”, but you better believe me motherfucker, you won’t find diplomacy on this one. This n#### is rapping(!!!) over bomboclaat hip hop beats about gangsterism, is chanting his wicked love songs, and slams the weed on the table without apologizing for anything!

Without a doubt a superb American product, not Jamaican, that distinguishes itself especially through its consequence. Almost a radio play, extremely coarse, using minimalist (spartan) beats with a setting of samples, sounds and effects.

Once you let yourself in for it, you won’t stop pumping it till the end. (the tape’s) atmosphere is extremely tight, the average Reggae fiend will have to get used to it. For half the price of an album the curious buyer will get tunes sufficient to fill two albums, without any repitition, without using a single riddim twice.

Even though there are only 2 “real” Reggae songs (apart from the Nyabinghi intro) this piece is way more convincing than some of the official experiments (recent releases) that Sizzla presented us in the past.

A must have for Kalonji fans!