Talkin Roots II Live From S.F. (Double-Disc)

  • Talkin Roots II Live (Double-Disc)
    Bambu Station, Pressure, DJ Child
    Lady Passion, Ras Bumpa, Ijah
    Menelik & Black Culture

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    1st ever LIVE Virgin Islands Official CD. Live From S.F. It was the 1st time Pressure, Lady Passion, Ijah Menelik & Black Culture performed on the West Coast. All artists backed by Bambu Station & by DJ Child of PGM for a finale freestyle cipher.


1 Jalani: Phone Drop Intro
2 Bambu Station: Broadcasting Live
3 Black Culture: Jah Nah Gone
4 Black Culture: Get Away
5 Ras Bumpa: Never Keep I Down
6 Ras Bumpa: Do Good
7 Ras Bumpa: Nah Dwell
8 Ijah Menelik: Deadline
9 Ijah Menelik: Muzungu
10 Ijah Menelik: Baggawire
11 Lady Passion: Intro
12 Lady Passion: Pasion’s Love
13 Lady Passion: Never Change My Mind


1 Pressure: The Pressure Is On
2 Pressure: Zion Is Home
3 Pressure: Live What U Talk
4 Pressure: Live In Love
5 Pressure: Ganja
6 Pressure: No Limitation
7 Bambu Station Interlude
8 Black Culture: Too Much War
9 Ras Bumpa: Fyah Kaya
10 Pressure: Worlwide
11 Pressure: Livin Da Cleanist
12 Ijah Menelik: Come Fi Teach
13 Pressure: From Da Gutta
14 Ras Bumpa: More Fyah Blaze
15 Lady Passion: Thank You
16 Pressure: Talkin Roots
17 Ijah Menelik: You Are
18 Black Culture: Highest Degree
19 Ras Bumpa: What’s Da Vibe
20 Pressure: Buss Dem
21 Lady Passion: No Place Like Home
22 Ijah Menelik: Holding On
23 Ras Bumpa: No Persection
24 Pressure: How Long
25 Ijah Menelik: The Only One For Me
26 Jalani: Outro
27 Ijah Menelik: Just A Little Bit
28 Pressure: Sticky & Green