Stolen Scrolls

  • Niyorah: “Stolen Scrolls”
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    The Official Mixtape/Album by I Grade & PGM, spanning Niyorah’s dense musical catalogue. Mixed by DJ Child. This ground-breaking project is the 1st of its kind, delivering an album in mixtape format for one single Reggae Artist. Filled with Old to New Heats, Exclusives, Freestlyes, Remix’s & Reasonments…

1. Reasonment[audio:01 Reasonment.mp3]
2. Reasonment pt. II
4. R.O.C.K: (DJ CHILD REMIX) pt. II[audio:04 R.O.C.K. (Dj Child Remix) Pt. II.mp3]
5. Liberation Is Near Interlude
6. Defend
7. Defend (DJ CHILD REMIX)
8. The Streets Interlude
9. Sell Out
10. Movements Interlude
11. Positive Herb
12. Positive Herb (DJ CHILD REMIX)[audio:12 Positive Herb (DJ Child Remix).mp3]
13. Put Em’ Down Interlude
14. The System Interlude
15. African Chant
16. African Chant (DJ CHILD REMIX)
17. Fyah Burn Interlude
18. Clowns Around Us[audio:18 Clowns Around Us.mp3]
19. Link Up Interlude
20. Living Dead Interlude
21. Global Warming
22. Global Warming (DJ CHILD REMIX)[audio:22 Global Warming (DJ Child Remix).mp3]
23. No Limitations Interlude
24. Burn Dem
25. Inner Light
26. Inner Light (DJ CHILD REMIX)
27. Fullest Confidence Acapella
28. Fullest Confidence[audio:28 Fullest Confidence.mp3]
29. We Shall See
30. We Shall See (DJ CHILD REMIX)
31. Methods Interlude
32. Nothing To Prove Acapella
33. Nothing To Prove
34. Wha Yu Feel Say?
35. Wha Yu Feel Say? (DJ CHILD REMIX)[audio:35 Wha Yu Feel_ (DJ Child Remix).mp3]
36. Get It Correct Interlude
37. A Different Age
38. Constant Change Interlude[audio:38 Constant Change Interlude.mp3]
39. Reasonment pt. III
40. Stolen Scrolls[audio:40 Stolen Scrolls.mp3]
41. Hot Bombs Interlude
42. Twisted Atmosphere