Azeem & DJ Child: “Rise Up Mixtape”

  • “Rise Up” The Street Album
    100% Azeem—Got Lyrics?
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    All exclusive Azeem street album/mixtape released in conjunction with the award winning Zeph & Azeem album “Rise Up” (OM Records).

    “DJ Child seamlessly meshes New Bay & Old Bay beats and stears into righteous reggae anthems just enough to make the whole mix click…” (Shout Magazine) Read More…

1. Lady Passion Intro (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
2. Rise Up
3. Rise Up Remix (PGM EXCLUSIVE)[audio:03 Rise Up Remix.mp3]
4. Malcolm X: Enemies (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
5. Tiye Selah Interlude (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
6. Tiya Selah: Da Corner (PGM EXCLUSIVE)[audio:06 Tiye Selah_ Da Corner.mp3]
7. Pressure & Ras Bumpa: Fyah Blaze Interlude (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
8. Mikey Dread Interlude
9. Wake Up feat. Joyo & Tony Moses
10. Wake Up Remix (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
11. Dangerous (cuts by DJ Zeph) (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
12. PGM: Big Guns Interlude (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
13. One Moor Time Remix (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
14. PGM: Heroin Music (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
15. Let’s Go
16. Ijah Menelik: Soundation (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
17. Come One Come All Intro (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
18. Cone One Come All Remix (PGM EXCLUSIVE)[audio:18 Come One Come All Remix.mp3]
19. Come One Come All
20. Angela Davis Interlude (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
21. Word Sound Remix (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
22. Deny (Unreleased)
23. Nyalas: Boom Interlude (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
24. PGM: Screw Dat (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
25. Freedom feat. Tiye Selah (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
26. Malcolm X: P.C. (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
27. Bob Marley: Baldhead
28. Sana Azeem: Crazy DJ’s (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
29. Weepin & Wailin (PGM EXCLUSIVE)[audio:29 Weepin’ & Wailin’.mp3]
31. Rankin Scroo: Above Dem (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
32: Nyalas: Da Streets (PGM EXCLUSIVE)
33. Rebel Music