UMI of P.O.W.

Umi from P.O.W./PEOPLE’S ARMY/RBG FAM was born in Tuskegee, Alabama. His rebellious nature helps remind people everyday that their true independence is still waiting to be claimed. He continues to show listeners that music can be used not only to get money, but also to mobilize and motivate the people.

Umi is a creative musician with an insightful sound that has been practicing and performing since 8 years old. He has brought forth numerous works with Prisoners of War and The People’s Army/RBG FAM (dead prez) and now introduces his solo works. In his respective career, he has opened for or shared the stage with The Roots, Dave Chapelle, Mos Def, Styles P, Method and RedMan, Maceo Parker, Busta Rhymes, Young Bloods, dead prez, David Banner, and Erykah Badu just to name a few.

As of date, umi has released solo projects entitled A Race Against Time Volume 1, R.I.F. A TRIBUTE TO J. DILLA and has collaborated with Scribe to bring forth P.O.W’s Street Report Volumes 1 and 2. His solo work not only compliments the earlier P.O.W. releases, it also introduces a new style and approach to the hip hop world. His business minded grind has made it able for him to consistently perform and setup domestic and international showcases. Just like his current project title, umi’s work ethic has proven to be a race against time. He has written and acted in a film entitled Under The Gun which is set to release June 2009 and is currently living in Brooklyn, NY. Watch for umi’s highly anticipated debut album, released by SONY RED 11.11.08. Purchase or order wherever music is sold.


Umi and Child linked through the RBG/Dead Prez family in 2006. Years of building on DP’s Cali runs led to the concept for the project “I’m Just A Prisoner” the Mixtape/Album. Umi & Child’s natural chemistry can be heard throughout the project which has already been labeled as a “Street Classic”. With appearances from Dead Prez, Scribe, the Roots, J Dilla, Mistah FAB, the Jacka, Makk Dubb, Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. & more…”I’m Just A Prisoner” plays like an auditory movie. This project reminds us that freedom lies in our own hands.