DJ Child Beats x Tony Hawk’s RIDE Channel

…….DJ Child Beats in Tony Hawk’s new series “SKATE”…….

DJ Child grew up skateboarding…So when the opportunity presented itself to produce beats for “SKATE” one of the new shows on Tony Hawk’s RIDE channel it was honor & dream manifested. The show meets up with a pro skater who takes you through his city for a day (or night)—basically the day in the life of a skateboarder. So far there has been 4 episodes; NYC, Boston, Washington D.C., then NYC again. DJ Child has placed beats in every episode so far. The newest “SKATE” dropped yesterday and was NYC at night with Jahmal Williams. All of the music in the episode was DJ Child’s (except the 2nd track). This is the kind of show that takes you back to skateboarding’s roots—getting up with your homies, hittin’ the dope spots & having FUN!!!