Golden State Warrior Meets PGM

Golden State Warrior Meets Project Groundation

This is a timelapse shot by DJ Child of the “Golden State Warrior” doing an exclusive piece for DJ Child & Jahdan Blakkamoore’s upcoming video “Ghetto People” off their soon to be released studio album “Words Of Prophecy”. The “Golden State Warrior” is a Oakland, CA based street art icon best known for his political commentary through his work in the community. He branded the “I am Oscar Grant” character as well as numerous others including “We Define Wealth”, “Tax the Rich”, I am Troy Davis”, “OPD killed my son” etc. Our personal favorite at PGM is a row of chickens with the words ‘Coming home to roost” based off the famous Malcolm X quote. While most garffiti/street artists are about propagating their name,,,”Golden State Warrior” is about spreading a message…and that message is “Their justice don’t work—-Think different”